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The Mining Experts Limited management team and all employees will never share, sell or trade your provided personal information. We collect your personal information during registration and our server keeps IP records each time you log in to your Mining Experts Limited account. This information shall be used solely to build program statistics and provide geo-targeted services to our members. You will receive e-mails from Mining Experts Limited whenever you make a transaction, such as withdrawal requests, new deposits and you will regularly receive newsletters concerning all members. You will not, however, receive any type of SPAM from us. For legal reasons, our database registers your IP, location and computer name whenever you login to your Mining Experts Limited account or submit a support request. This information will be kept for a minimum of six months but will never be shared, except by court order in conjunction with a legal organization official request. Mining Experts Limited is ready to collaborate to eliminate online fraudulent activity and any type of suspicious activity will be investigated.

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